5th Class Participate in Douglas Credit Union Community Project

5th class have just completed a 5 week Community Challenge organised  by Douglas Credit Union. This is a short account of the work 5th class undertook written by Sam Daly in 5th class.

Week 1: We met with Gary. We were placed into groups of 6. Each group had to brainstorm and research about the History of Monkstown as well as the amenities and facilities in the area.

Week 2: We got photos of the various facilities and clubs in the neighbourhood to include in our Powerpoint. We created an initiative we felt would benefit the community of Monkstown. The initiative was entitled “Monkstown Tourism Initiative.”

Week 3: We began to create the Powerpoint and plan for the video that would promote our initiative.

Week 4: We rehearsed our presentation, finalised our Powerpoint and shot the video that would promote our initiative.

Week 5: We completed and presented our initiative to our parents.

Well done to all in 5th Class!


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