Principal Award Winners

Principal Award Winners : Well done to our Principal’s Award Winners for February – Freya Boylan (First Class) for great effort and enthusiasm in her reading and her excellent effort in class, Óran Power (First Class) for great effort with his reading and always trying his best in class, Fionn Hayes (Second Class) for great effort with his reading and his kindness to others in his class, Cameron McGinty (Second Class) for his great love of reading, his enthusiasm this month in particular and his improvement in handwriting, Sabrina Moynihan (Third Class) for making a great effort with her reading this month and her hard work in Maths. and writing, Daisy Mulcahy (Third Class) for her constant enthusiasm for reading and her positive attitude towards all the reading initiatives this month, Tara McSweeney (Fourth Class) for terrific effort in everything she does – reading, writing and maths., for her helpfulness, good manners, co-operation and her all round positive attitude, Deirbhile Quane (Fourth Class) for her hard work and achievement in all areas of the curriculum especially reading, her strong qualities of responsiblity and reliability and her lovely positive and cheerful personality, Simone Jennings (Fifth Class) for the great effort and enthusiasm she has shown during D.E.A.R. time this month, Noah White (Fifth Class) for all his hard work and helpfulness in class, for the great effort he has made with his reading and making the most of D.E.A.R. time, Kara Dunne (Sixth Class) who never has to be asked to read, it’s just a natural reflex when she has a few spare minutes and Daniel Thomas (Sixth Class) who week on week in Buddy time reads with such expression and enthusiasm that he brings the story to life.

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