Access Policy


This policy is the result of whole staff collaboration together with the Board of Management and has been put in place for the protection and welfare of pupils and staff.


Our objectives in putting this policy in place include:

  • Ensuring that access to the school is strictly monitored to ensure the safety of children and staff.
  • Ensuring that the work in the classroom is not interrupted unnecessarily.
  • Encouraging punctuality in our children.

School Opening

Scoil Barra Naofa accepts children from 8.30a.m. No responsibility is taken for any child before that time. Children go straight to the school hall through the lower door where they will be supervised until 8.50a.m. Parents may accompany Junior Infants directly to their classroom for the first week.

At. 8.50a.m. children go to their classrooms and the lower door is locked.

  • Children arriving after 8.50a.m. go through the reception, to their classrooms. Their names are taken by the school secretary.
  • Where children arrive after 8.50a.m. four or more mornings in a month, the Principal informs the Parents in writing.
  • If four or more late arrivals are recorded in a second month the Principal arranges a meeting with parents.

Meeting Teachers

Parents Teacher meetings take place in November each year with Class Teachers and take place with special Ed. Teachers in September, January and June.

Parents may request a meeting outside of these pre-arranged meetings by contacting the school where the secretary will organise a time that is mutually convenient for both Parents and Teachers. Parents should give an indication of the nature of the meeting.

In exceptional circumstances Parents may wish to speak to a Teacher in the morning or afternoon without prior appointment. In this situation the Parents may call to reception and the Principal or Deputy Principal will accompany him/her to the classroom.

Withdrawing Children from School

Parents/Guardians/Relations should call to reception when they wish to withdraw children from the school for any reason.

Unless known to the Principal, identification should be sought and verified before releasing children. Then they will be given a permission slip which they may bring to the classroom and give to the Class Teacher. Parents and children them exit the school again through reception.

External Tutors/Tradespeople

All external tutors/trades people sign in and out of school at reception.

Access Prohibited

Access to the school is prohibited to any person whose presence may be detrimental to the safety or well being of a pupil/pupils or staff. The Principal may enlist the help of the Gardaí where such a person refuses to leave.

This policy is reviewed annually and amended if deemed necessary.

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