Parents’ Association

We have always had and continue to have a very active and committed Parents’ Association. It is affiliated to the National Parents Council. It helps the school in a practical and financial way. New equipment has been bought for the school down through the years – musical instruments, books, classrooms tables and chairs, P.E. equipment, computers, overhead projectors and screens to mention but a few.

The Parents’ Association Constitution SBN (reviewed in 2018/19) can be read by clicking on the link.

A sub committee of the Board of Management organise the School Book Rental Scheme. Books are leased to the children for a very low fee. This is a mammoth task but has been a huge benefit to parents, children and teachers.

The Parents’ Association also run a community sports night in May/June – where everyone gets involved! Of course we mustn’t forget the annual visit of Santa Claus at Santa Sunday! Once again this is a huge job to organise – but a fantastic and worthwhile day for our children and their parents. The Parents’ Association also help out on Reception Night and Sixth Class Graduation Night and play an important role during our Healthy Eating Week and Active Week. At certain times during the year talks are organised for parents on topics such as Safe Use of the Internet and Transition to Secondary School.


Library/Meeting Room

The Library is located near the school office. There are lots of information booklets and pamphlets here, as well as a laptop computer which has access to the internet. Parents are very welcome to come in and browse through the literature. Appointments can be made by contacting the secretary.

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