Book Fair

Our thanks to everyone who supported our Book Fair this week which has once again been a tremendous success and has resulted in over one thousand euro worth of books for our school library. Well done to the winners of the raffle for book vouchers : Jamie McGinty (J.Infs.), Thomas Coughlan (S.Infs.), Isabella Murray (First), Sarah Finnegan and Lucy O‘ Connell (Second), George O‘ Keefe (Third), Billy Quirke (Fourth), Ada O‘ Connell and Abi Roche (Fifth) and Aoibhe Humphries (Sixth).Thanks to Ms. Ní Bhéara for organising the event, to all the teachers who helped out and to Sixth Class pupils Aoife Purkiss and Ethan Kelleher for helping out before, during and after school. Special thanks to all those Parents who donated books. We do appreciate it. Happy Reading, everyone !

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