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Primary Science and Maths. Award

Well done to Sixth Class who were awarded a Primary Maths. and Science Award from the Science Foundation of Ireland for their work during the year. Achievements include …. online work of 35,000 Maths. questions to date, mastery of 234 skills, participation in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, completion and presentation …

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Science Day

Sixth Class hosted a Science day for  their buddies in Junior Infants today. They investigated sinking and floating, magnets, wind power, static electricity, lava lamps, volcanoes, catapults, egg dropping and even saw a crocodile operated by computer and a home made recorder. A fun day was had by all!…

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Science Trip

Third Class enjoyed a day of activities and experiments at the Lifetime Lab today. Under the theme ‘Exploring our Ocean’ they investigated properties of water and learnt about sea creatures in our oceans. A great time was had by all!…

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Science Workshops

The Senior Classes had two great science workshops during the week. On Tuesday the children were introduced to the concept of strong and weak acids and the pH scale. The range of colours given by red cabbage juice at the various pHs was demonstrated. The children were asked to investigate …

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Fun Science Workshop

The ‘funny’ scientist came to school today and did experiments with Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes. He did six in all – The Protective Headgear, Tea Bag Rocket, Fire Eater, Volcano, Small rocket launcher inside and Big rocket outside. He did all of the experiments using things you would …

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