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Science Week at SBN

The week of November 9th to 13th marked Science Week at SBN. All classes engaged in science related activities and workshops and photos are available on our website and class Seesaw. Juniors learned about their senses. They had fun tasting different flavours as part of homework. They learned about fingerprints …

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Science Week-Junior Infants

Junior Infants are busy for Science Week.

Last week we learned about the tongue and the 4 tastes that the taste buds pick up sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Our Seesaw activity this week involves taste testing at home ( a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar, a spoonful…
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Engineering in a Box

Children engaging with the Engineering in a Box programme. Here they are making DIY Wind turbines! Children learned about the various types of renewable energy sources! Children are really enjoying making various constructions and doing lots of experiments! Thanks to Dermot and DePuy for their time and help!…

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Energy Workshop

3rd, 4th and 6th classes welcomed Fergal from Lifetime Lab for a specially designed workshop which covered the science of energy and climate change through participation in experiments and playing the ‘energy game’ – all around it was very hands on and fun!  The workshop covered several strands of the …

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Lifetime Lab Visit

Third Class enjoyed a trip to the Lifetime Lab today where they participated in a marine themed workshop. Fun curriculum linked activities took place and all children were awarded an Explorers Certificate of Participation at the end of the day. Maith sibh!🔬🦀🐟🦈…
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