Creative Clusters

Creative Clusters Initiative

Our school was recently accepted for the Creative Clusters Initiative
2021/2023. Ms. Mulrooney worked on the application form on behalf of the
school. We were absolutely thrilled to hear this wonderful news as only one
application was accepted from each Education Centre nationally. The initiative
will run over two years and will involve networking with two other schools in
Cork to build on skills and work collaboratively on a creative project. We will be
granted funding and a Creative Cluster Facilitator to implement our project.
This is a wonderful opportunity for our school and we will embrace it with
gratitude and enthusiasm.

Throughout the duration of this initiative we hope to work on a project plan to
enhance all 3 strands of the Music curriculum and to instil in the children the
importance of enjoying the process of music making and composing rather
than focusing on the product. We envisage that participation in Creative
Clusters will support improvements in teaching and learning by including and
implementing key areas of the new Primary Language Curriculum, SESE,
Wellbeing, Visual Arts and Drama. Pupils will have a central role in developing,
implementing and evaluating our Creative Clusters project. We are delighted
that John Spillane will also join us throughout this journey. We are honoured to
have John as a mentor to guide and inspire us along the way. A big thank you
to all who filled out questionnaires, gave feedback and to the classes who took
part in the focus groups. All contributions were greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Ms. Mulrooney for all her hard work in planning this project.

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