February fun in 1st Class

Fun in First Class


Visualising When Reading


The boys and girls in first class practiced the reading strategy visualising while reading. This is all about using your senses when reading – describing what you can, see, hear, smell, taste and touch in your ‘brain movies’. This helps the children to better understand their reading and brings it to life. After reading ‘The Emperor’s Egg’, they worked in groups, writing and drawing their visualisations.  



All About Time


We have been learning all about time including using interactive clocks, as well as working with the calendar and timetables. 



2D and 3D Shapes


We have been learning about many different 2D and 3D shapes and their different properties. We completed practical activities such as drawing, tracing and constructing these shapes. In art, we drew and painted vibrant, overlapping 2D shapes. We also loved drawing monochrome zentangle patterns and then arranging them to pop out in 3D form. 



Migrating Animals 


As winter ended and spring began, we learned about the beautiful swallow and made fact files to show off what we learned. 





Our Mexico project has been a highlight this month. We found out about the location, natural features, landmarks, traditions, foods and so much more. The boys and girls loved working with a friend to make a poster, recording all of their learning. They also painted colourful sombreros. 



Weaving a Cosy Blanket


First class created impressive wool blankets by weaving wool onto a cardboard loom. This was a completely new skill which took a lot of time, concentration and effort. The final result was so impressive – we couldn’t resist taking a little nap under our blankets!



Clay Monsters


Creativity was in full swing when we made clay monsters. We learned how to attach the clay pieces using scoring and a mixture of slip. All our monsters are so different but equally creepy and brilliant!




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