Grandparents’ Tech Day

Fifth Class were delighted to host Scoil Barra Naofa’s very own ‘Grandparents’ Tech Day’ today.  It was such an enjoyable and special day for all. They taught their Grandparents more about technology and how they could use it more. Firstly, they brainstormed with their Grandparents and planned what they would cover. The Grandparents decided what they wanted to learn and the children  decided what they wanted to teach them. The computer room was a very busy and productive place as they taught them how to use their mobile phones, computers and iPads with more confidence. They didn’t give their Grandparents any test afterwards but they were very satisfied with their happy faces and of course, they got to spend time with them! A big thank you to all the wonderful Grandparents for joining Fifth Class today and making it such a memorable day. Our thanks to Mrs. O’ Dea for organising the event!


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