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On Thursday the Green Committee had a visit from William O’Halloran and Barry O’Sullivan from SECAD (South East Cork Area Development). Both are experts on biodiversity. They met with the children of the Green Committee, teachers Ms Flannery, Ms Moakley and Ms, Byrne, Martin Prout, caretaker, and Mrs. Emma Murphy, Parents Rep. on the Green Committee. They took a tour of the school grounds, pointing out all the biodiversity opportunities to the Committee. William said the school is fortunate to be located in an ecological corridor with lots of biodiversity, situated near two old churches, the harbour, farmland, hedges, mature gardens and even what he termed a brownfield site where the electrical mast is on Fairy Hill/Scotsmans Road. He said the rule of thumb with biodiversity is to ‘Think Native’. There will be a follow up visit from William and Barry later, when they will talk to the various classes on topics chosen by the Green Committee.

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