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The Green Schools Committee would like to remind the school community that
we are working on the Global Citizenship, Energy Flag. We are learning about
how to conserve energy in our school, homes and in the environment. Parents
can help by reminding children of the importance of turning off appliances around the
house, turning off unnecessary lights etc.

We ask parents to to help us care for our school environment by walking children to
school when possible and always turning off car engines when waiting at drop off and
collection times.

This year, the Green Schools Committee is also exploring the concept of fast fashion,
the energy this industry uses and the violation of rights this industry is often associated
with. Did you know that it takes approx 7,500l of water to make 1 pair of denim jeans?!
That includes the water to grow and harvest cotton, make the denim and get the pair of
jeans ready for the shop.

The SBN Green Schools Committee asks you to think about how we shop and how we
use our shoes and clothes. Can we pass on clothes that no longer fit? Can we donate
these to charity? Most importantly, can we buy fewer clothes?

Well done to the boys and girls of Rang 2 who are taking part in the Picker Pals
Initiative! Picker Pals is a nation wide initiative that encourages children to keep their
local area clean and litter free by undertaking litter picking adventures like the cartoon
characters in the Picker Pals videos. Thank you to those of you who have shared
photos of your children as they take part in Picker Pals.  Keep up the great work boys and girls, you
are an inspiration to us all.

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