Junior Infant Movement Breaks and Aistear

Life is very busy in Junior Infants and the children are learning lots. In tandem with their academic development, school also promotes their physical and social development. PE is an everyday lesson in Junior Infants to promote a healthy body and mind. All lessons are endeavouring to promote  the acquisition of fundamental movement skills. In addition, children also get the chance to head out with Mary for further practice these skills and get a chance to bond with their peers, develop their social and communication skills and have fun while assimilating these fundamental movement skills. Again, these movement breaks are only possible with the invaluable assistance provided by Mary.

With the help of our fantastic SNA Mary, the Junior infants have been engaging with the water play element of the Aistear curriculum. Aistear is a programme which promotes learning and the development of languages and social skills as well as promoting positive values such as turn taking, respect for others and for property. Each child had a great experience and had lots of fun. Water play is an excellent pastime for young children and can help children if they are ever anxious or stressed. It is strongly recommended for promotion of positive mental health in all children and is an easy activity to set up at home. Each and every Junior Infant loved and adored their time.

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