Maths Week 2019


It’s Maths Week 2019 in Scoil Barra Naofa!  For this week there is  an extra focus, in each class, on fun, practical Maths activities.

Our Junior infants have been busy sorting sets of 2 and trying to find the heaviest potato!


Senior Infants spent Maths Week playing Maths games and doing a  Shape Person Competition.

First Class were enjoying learning the language of Maths! They completed the “Marshmallow Challenge” and  “Our Favourite Sports” graphs.

Second Class were playing a two dice game “Who has the smallest number when you subtract the numbers on the two dice?”

Fourth Class were enjoying  the  “Place Value Battle” game, addition and multiplication card games and plenty of tricky puzzles! The Maths Trail was great fun.



5th class students completing their Maths Trail booklets. Cameron , Riain and Daragh estimating and measuring how many cups fill a jug  and Thomas finding the length , width and area of the school yards!

Just a small snapshot of the activities in 6th Class. These included Maths Eyes photos, dice games, maths games on the computers, guessing how many sweets in the jars, time estimation games and a Maths Trail.

It certainly has been a busy Maths Week 2019!



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