2020-11-17 (2)


Artist Kevin O Brien returned to work at Scoil Barra Naofa again this past week. Kevin
has completed a fantastic Cúchulainn mural on the wall outside the stairwell, the exit
point/yard exit for senior classes. The children in Mr O’ Connell’s 3rd class brainstormed
their ideas and chose their favourite Irish legend as the mural content. The children
created their own Celtic designs which Kevin has incorporated into the mural. Kevin will
return on a dry day and host a question and answer session outdoors with the 3rd class
children. This mural brightens up a dark spot and can be enjoyed by all classes. It gives
plenty to talk about! Thank you again to Aoife Fleury who applied for this grant through
Creative Schools and liaised with Kevin on this project.

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