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Scoil Barra Naofa School Plan

The Scoil Barra Naofa School Plan is comprised of various subject plans, organisational policies and policies relating to procedures and practices. All of our school policies are available to view in full through the school office by appointment.

The following are a selection of the policies drawn up and ratified by the Board of Management.

Organisational Policies

Covid Response Plan SBN (updated Nov 21)

Covid 19 Policy Statement

SBN Remote Learning Plan (Feb 2021)

Child Safeguarding Statement (Reviewed June 2022)

Anti Bullying Policy (Reviewed June 2022)

Code of Behaviour SBN (Reviewed August 2020)

Data Protection Policy (Reviewed June 2019)

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures Policy (Reviewed 2018/19) (Parental Complaints Procedures)

Health & Safety Statement (Updated Aug 2020)

RSE Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

Substance Use Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

Stay Safe Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

SBN Social Personal and Health Education Booklet for Parents

Parental Involvement Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

Homework Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

Acceptable Use of Digital Technology & Internet Policy (Reviewed May 2020)

Acceptable Usage Policy-Addendum (Jan 2021)

Mobile Phone & Electronic Devices Policy (Reviewed 2016/17)

Digital Technology (ICT) Policy (Reviewed 2018/19)

Procedures & Practices:

Access and Visitors Policy (Updated Sept 2020)

School Tour Policy (Reviewed 2017/18)

Attendance Policy (Reviewed 2016/17)

Healthy Eating Policy 

Swimming Policy (Reviewed 2015/16)

Work Experience Placement Policy (Reviewed Sept 2020)


SEN Policies:

Special Education Policy 2021 (Updated Feb 2021)

Exemption from Irish Policy 2021 (Updated Feb 2021)

Other policies:

Assessment Policy 2021 (Updated May 2021)



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