February fun in 1st Class

Fun in First Class


Visualising When Reading


The boys and girls in first class practiced the reading strategy visualising while reading. This is all about using your senses when reading – describing what you can, see, hear, smell, taste and touch in your ‘brain movies’. This helps the …

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Friendship Week

There has been some lovely activities happening in all the classes this week to promote Friendship week in SBN.

1st Class had many activities for example

Quote a day and illustrating kindness quotes on posters

Acts of kindness sharetime

Compliment circle 

5th class had the goal of showing what friendship …

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Library time

We are over the moon to have our library up and running again! Míle buíochas to mum Yvonne and all the wonderful parents who volunteered their time to sort out and scan all the books


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