Parents’ Association News-New Multi Purpose Space

This year the PA’s fundraising efforts will be focused on the creation of multi purpose
space for all children at SBN. As we have invested in a laptop trolley and full set of
laptops we plan to redecorate our computer room and create a multi functional space,
full of colour, cool furniture, beanbags and activities that can be enjoyed by all. A space
where classes can go for chill out time, play board games, have a disco or watch a
movie on the large interactive screen (like their own mini cinema). Smaller groups or
individuals may visit the room and use the sensory activities and functions. It is hoped
that this room will provide a unique space to stimulate creativity, discussion and
innovation or offer a quiet space to relax and unwind. We will keep you posted on this
development. We will post pictures to our website and Facebook page as the project
evolves. Below is a first photo. The benches and desks have been dismantled and the
true size and potential of the room can be seen. Next step will be new flooring.

Remember all parents are welcome as members of the PA. You can help out on a
continuous or one off basis. If you are interested in joining the PA or wish to learn more
about the PA please email or see Likewise, if you
are interested in working with the Wellbeing Parents Group please email the school
office on and we will be happy to connect parents.


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