Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Principal’s Awards for March : Lynn O’ Sullivan (First Class) for excellent effort in class and always trying her best, Bo Parkes (First Class) for being a great worker and excellent concentration in class, Lauren Coughlan (Second Class) for always being extremely helpful, caring and considerate, and working hard, Daniel Garcia (Second Class) for always being a true gentleman, hardworking, co-operative and helpful, Killian Peterson (Third Class) for being hardworking, enthusiastic and full of facts, Tara McSweeney (Third Class) for 100% effort and always doing her best, Áine Power (Fourth Class) for setting a high standard of performance for herself in her work, her positivity and her kindness to others, Niky Lyons (Fourth Class) for his effort and behaviour, his manners and his achievement in Gaeilge, Sofia Daly (Fifth Class) for her kind and caring personality and her mature approach to schoolwork, Kara Dunne (Fifth Class) for being so friendly and helpful to all she meets and her continued efforts to always do her best, Sive O’ Keefe (Sixth Class) for improvement in her spelling, reading and creative writing and Richard McSweeney (Sixth Class) for sár iarracht and dul chun cinn sa Ghaeilge.


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