Principal’s Awards

Principal’s Awards: Well done to the recipients of May’s Principal’s Awards – Honor O’ Mullane (First Class) for sáriarracht sa Gaeilge, Ella Dinan (First Class) for excellent all round effort in class, Ellen Bruen (Second Class) for always producing a high standard of work and excellent all round effort, Sybil O’ Neill (Second Class) for always trying her best and being friendly and kind to others, Liam O’ Flynn (Third Class) for 100% effort and enthusiasm, Cathal McCarthy (Fourth Class) for his unfailing enthusiasm and motivation, his determination, hard work and cheerful smile, Robyn Murphy (Fourth Class) for being mannerly, kind and co-operative and always willing to help, Anna Kelly (Fifth Class) for being extremely helpful, kind, hardworking and a joy to have in the classroom. Harry McGuire (Fifth Class) for his improvement across the year in Fifth Class and brightening up the classroom with his funny jokes, Alana Garvey (Sixth Class) for being positive and helpful and kind to her classmates, Jack Hallissey (Sixth Class) for excellent work on the Student Council, excellent participation in class and his work throughout the year.


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