Principal’s Awards

Well done to the Principal’s Award winners for September: David O’ Connor (First Class) for outstanding effort and participation in class, Grace Garcia (First Class) for excellent behaviour in class and always trying her best, Cian McDonnell (Second Class) for always listening well in class, working hard and lovely manners, Aobha Lee (Second Class) for beautiful handwriting, wonderful recount writing and lovely manners, Steve Lyons (Third Class) for his enthusiasm, effort and cooperation and a fantastic start to the year, Ana Daly (Third Class) for a great improvement in concentration in class, for working very hard and always being enthusiastic, Sam McDonnell (Fourth Class) for a terrific improvement in concentration and behaviour and getting Fourth Class off to a great start, Sarah Finnegan (Fourth Class) for her effort, enthusiasm, helpfulness and maturity, Lily Hogan (Fifth Class) for always having her work neatly presented, her enthusiasm and helpfulness in class, Ethan Hartigan (Fifth Class) for starting off Fifth class with great enthusiasm and for always putting great effort into his class work and homework, Blaine Flemming (Sixth Class) for sár iarracht and Eoghan O Connor (Sixth Class) for his great effort in getting Sixth class off to a fantastic start. Maith sibh!


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