Principal’s Awards

Principal’s Awards : Well done to the recipients of November’s Principal’s Awards – Lily Moynihan (First Class) for kindness to others and always trying her best in class, Tom Killeen (First Class) for using Zippy’s Friends to find good solutions and working hard in class, John Hegarty (Second Class) for his continuous hard work and participation in class, Alexa Creighton (Second Class) for her hard work, participation and beautiful handwriting, Elly Murphy (Third Class) for working very hard and huge improvement in concentration, Cathal Lee (Third Class) for his enthusiasm, effort and improvement in focus, Abby O’ Neill (Fourth Class) for her high standard of achievement, her sheer determination and hard work along with her enthusiasm and helpfulness, Andrew O’ Connor (Fourth Class) for his excellent behaviour, consistent hard work and high standard of handwriting and presentation, Alfie O’ Connell (Fifth Class) for huge improvement and effort put into schoolwork, Jasmin Spriggs (Fifth Class) for her hard work and improvement, Aoibhinn Fitzgerald (Sixth Class) for her hard work and kindness to others, and Ríona Casey (Sixth Class) for her kind hearted spirit, looking out for others and always putting 100% into her schoolwork.


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