Principal’s Awards

Well done to the recipients of the Principal’s Awards for October : Sophia Creighton (First Class) for working extremely hard especially during Gaeilge, Christopher Granby (First Class) for his enthusiasm and positive attitude towards everything, Rachel Gardiner (Second Class) for being polite, kind and working hard in class, Noah Frankel (Second Class) for being polite, kind and working hard in class, Oisín Frankel (Third Class) for being helpful, kind and considerate and for all his hard work, especially in Maths and Irish, Alexa Creighton (Third Class) for her diligence and hard work across all subject areas; for her excellent behaviour and for being an all around wonderful student, Tony Geraghty (Fourth Class) for wonderful participation and enthusiasm in class and for always being helpful and polite, Elly Murphy (Fourth Class) for her positive attitude, wonderful manners and taking personal responsibility for improving her learning in class, Andrew O’ Connor (Fifth Class) for always being so mannerly, polite and diligent and for presenting his work excellently, Lucy O’ Connell (Fifth Class) for being so helpful to others, for having homework done to an exceptional standard and being so good at music and drama, Josh Walsh (Sixth Class) for his diligent application to all areas of the school curriculum, his excellent behaviour and co-operation in class and his pleasant and engaging personality, Jasmin Spriggs (Sixth Class) for her great effort in class, her improvement in Spelling and Tables, her excellent behaviour and her kindness to others. Maith sibh go léir!

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