Principal’s Awards

Well done to the recipients of December’s Principal’s Awards :

First Class : Beth Barry for putting fantastic effort into all her work, listening attentively and for a very positive attitude and Cian Macey for working extremely hard in class, fantastic writing and independence.

Second Class : Matthew McCarthy for working hard in class and presenting his work so well and for listening and helping out in class and Maisie Crowley for being polite and kind, for improving her work in class, for concentrating and listening.

Third Class : Tim McCarthy for being so pleasant and bubbly, for trying his best with computer work and for being a good friend and Finn Ryan for excellent progress in handwriting, his attention and focus and all round personality.

Fourth Class : Ana Daly for putting great effort into her class work, wonderful participation and a positive attitude and Dara Headworth for trying his best in class, putting huge effort into his handwriting, for perseverence in the face of difficulty and wonderful manners.

Fifth Class : Milly Ryan for always working so hard, being diligent and always presenting her work with neatness, care and pride and Sam McDonnell for working hard, improved concentration and independence and being helpful to his teacher.

Sixth Class : Ryan Nolan ar a fhreagracht agus a aibíocht, a chuid eitice oibre agus a bhaint amach agus Nicole Dinan ar a díograis agus a cruthaitheacht, a cuid iarrachtaí agus a bhaint amach go léir.

Maith sibh go léir!

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