Principal’s Awards

Well done to the children who received Principal’s Awards for April.

First Class : Ayda Bruen for her sunny disposition, being a careful worker, trying her best in Irish, making the class smile with her jokes and being helpful in class and Penny Foy for being a joy to teach, being a diligent student and looking after everyone in class with her kind and caring personality.

Second Class : Faye Ryan for working really well in class, for improvement with her reading and always being pleasant, kind and helpful and Dónal McDonnell for good concentration, enthusiasm and always being willing to help out in class.

Third Class : Charlie Coakley for his hard work, great manners and helpfulness in class and Oisín Frankel for his hard work, great effort in Gaeilge and his kindness in class.

Fourth Class : Amelia Ahern Breen for great participation in class, huge improvement in handwriting, great effort in Maths. and being polite and helpful and Hugo McGuire for great contributions to class discussions, wonderful effort in spelling and writing and for politeness and kindness to others.

Fifth Class : Laoise Moynihan for being such a pleasant, diligent and helpful student who always aims to please and for the beautiful presentation of her work and David McSweeney for being a funny, helpful and motivated student and for his great initiative and enthusiasm in Maths.

Sixth Class : Ethan Hartigan ar a chuid oibre crua, dea-iompar agus modhanna den scoth agus Tara Kennedy ar a cuid oibre crua, a cuid cabhracht agus a Gaeilge den scoth.

Maith sibh go léir!

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