Principal’s Awards

First Class : Elise Breen for always giving 100% in class, for being kind and caring and making the class laugh with her sense of humour and Beth Barry for being such a dependable and hardworking student and for trying hard to succeed and learn even if she gets stuck and also for her beautiful handwriting.

Second Class : Billy Hanna for improving his listening skills and for co-operating in class, for trying his best and improving his concentration and Grace Garcia for her consistent good work, her pleasant and kind nature and for always trying her best.

Third Class : Ella Dinan for her positive attitude and diligent nature, for her consistency in her work and for brightening up the classroom with her smile and Alex Meagher for working hard and trying his best, for being very kind and thoughtful to others and for always having a smile on his face.

Fourth Class : Ellen Bruen for always giving 100% in class, for her beautiful handwriting and her kindness to others and Daniel Garcia for his excellent participation in class, for his great work and interest in Maths., his kind and helpful nature and for always trying her best.

Fifth Class : Sarah Finnegan for always being so polite, helpful and well behaved, always trying her best and making great progress with her handwriting and Killian Peterson for being such a diligent and independent worker, for showing good initiative and for his fantastic knowledge in the areas of SESE and Art.

Sixth Class : Cian Gill for improvement in focus and concentration, good progress in Maths. and English. and development of responsibility for his learning and Simone Jennings for her musical and dramatic skills, her helpfulness and good humour, the improvement in her behaviour and application and particularly her progress in Maths.

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