Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the winners of September’s Principal Awards: Christopher Lennon (First Class) for trying his best in class and showing kindness to others, Amelia Ahern Breen (Second Class) for improved concentration and working harder, Hugo McGuire (Second Class) for being hard working and showing kindness to others, Abby O’ Neill and Harry Clarke (Third Class) for neatness, effort in class and a positive attitude, Rachel Coakley (Fourth Class) for her effort, responsible attitude and maturity, Faye Heffernan (Fourth Class) for her enthusiasm, application and interesting contributions in class, Agnes Garbuz (Fifth Class) for being a hardworking and dedicated student, Aoibhinn Fitzgerald (Fifth Class) for being hard working, caring and always looking out for others, Joy Desmond and Joseph Murray (Sixth Class) for a positive attitude and a great work ethic. Maith sibh go léir!


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