Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Principal’s Awards for January – Beth O’ Connell (First Class) for working extremely hard in class, always trying her best and excellent behaviour, Charlie Coakley (First Class) for always being polite and trying his best in class, Grace Hartigan (Second Class) for effort, kindness and helpfulness, Andrew O’ Connor (Third Class) for excellent behaviour, hard work and participation in class, Deirbhile Quane (Third Class) for working hard and eagerness to help, Tara Kennedy (Fourth Class) for enthusiasm, hard work and excellent behaviour, Maya Coughlan (Fourth Class) for diligence, helpfulness and excellent behaviour, Muireann O’ Mullane (Fifth Class) for her kindness, eagerness to help, excellent behaviour and diligence, Luke O’ Sullivan (Fifth Class) for being kind and helpful and always doing his best, Evan Clarke and Jessica Levis (Sixth Class) for hard work and excellent participation.


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