Principal’s Awards

Well done to the recipients of February’s Principal’s Awards ; Romy Barry (First Class) for excellent attention and effort in class, Ruth Thomas (First Class) for lovely manners and always trying her best, Laoise Kelly (Second Class) for being kind, pleasant and always extremely helpful, Tony Geraghty (Second Class) for good independence and making great contributions in class, George Pritchard (Third Class) for enthusiasm, kindness and 100 % effort in class, Eve Gardiner (Third Class) for 100% effort and participation and contributions in class, Ruby Walsh (Fourth Class) for enthusiasm and positivity, hard work and excellent behaviour, Charlie Lester (Fourth Class) his helpfulness, good humour, excellent manners and effort in class, Cian James (Fifth Class) for his kind personality and great efforts at improving his Irish, Patrick Bruen (Fifth Class) for being polite, enthusiastic and his high standard of work, Harry Pritchard (Sixth Class) for kindness and consideration of others agus dul chun cinn sa Ghaeilge, Lauren Bradley (Sixth Class) for excellent participation in class, especially contributions to class discussions agus sár iarracht sa Ghaeilge.



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