Thank you to Aoife and the Garden Committee. The garden is full of colour and signs of
Spring. Thank you also to Vivian and Greg for their work in the garden and around the
school grounds in recent months. The yards and paths have been power washed and
the plants and trees pruned and tidied. The school grounds are looking great!

Much work has also taken place in the school building in recent months. The 3rd, 4th and
5th class rooms have been fully refloored with a high quality blue marmoleum finish. The
carpet in place in these rooms was no longer fit for purpose and the new flooring is not
only brighter and fresher but cleaner and safer. The rooms have also been fully
repainted and decorated. New noticeboards and units were hung and every inch of
space has been maximised. New baskets have been installed under each desk to allow
for individual storage and clear and clean desk tops. New stoppers have been placed
on chairs to protect our new floor. The bathrooms in each classroom have also been
fully refloored and repainted. Many thanks to Vivian and Greg for their work. Many
thanks to McDonnell Paints for supplying the paint and many thanks to Fox Flooring for
a super job! The children are returning to very bright and welcoming rooms.

The reflooring and repainting of all classrooms throughout SBN is now complete. New
blinds and furniture are in place. The final section of the Classroom Renovation Project
involves fitting sink and counter units in the classrooms from 3rd to 6th. We hope to
complete this work during Summer 2021.

This work was made possible by a combination of school fundraising, private donations
and DES grants. Thank you to all for your support. The child’s physical environment
really does have an impact on their wellbeing and their learning experience. Your
support makes a huge difference to the children and your support is greatly

3rd Class



4th Class



5th Class


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