Science Week at SBN

The week of November 9th to 13th marked Science Week at SBN. All classes engaged
in science related activities and workshops and photos are available on our website and
class Seesaw. Juniors learned about their senses. They had fun tasting different
flavours as part of homework. They learned about fingerprints and made their own hand
and thumb prints. Seniors had fun with “dinosaur eggs”. First enjoyed an online
workshop with Prof Tony Baloney. Second worked on the lemon acid test. Third turned
eggs into bouncing balls and explored the effects of fizzy drinks on our teeth. Fourth
“grew gummybears” although I’m not sure if I’d like to taste their gummybears! They
also experimented with food dye and celery to learn about osmosis. Fifth built spaghetti
and marshmallow structures as well as tin foil towers. Sixth learned about
aerodymanics by using paper planes to explore how thrust, lift and drag affects flight
patterns. They also made periscopes and learned how these were used during WW2.
Fifth and Sixth enjoyed a socially distant quiz on Friday. Well done to all involved!
Despite restictions we are all finding ways to incorporate team work and active learning
in the classroom.

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