Science Week-Junior Infants

Junior Infants are busy for Science Week.

Last week we learned about the tongue and the 4 tastes that the taste buds pick up sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Our Seesaw activity this week involves taste testing at home ( a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar, a spoonful of natural yogurt and lemon juice) The children taste all 4 and identify their favourite taste. They photograph their favourite food and use the microphone to speak about the experiment.
In class, we are making hand and thumb prints focusing on the uniqueness of everyone’s finger print. Teacher explained that scientists have invented a special ink to take finger prints and a special microscope with which to study them. This allows the Gardaí to arrest bad people who commit crimes and put them in jail thereby making the world a better place. Hoorah for scientists !
Before and after our Dance Workout in the morning we are feeling our pulse and noticing the difference before and after. We are learning that to keep our hearts and bodies healthy we need to exercise regularly and raise our pulse.
We are also practicing yoga balance poses and doing simple breathing exercise for calming and relaxation.
Junior Infants know that Scientists make the world a better place.
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