Summer Reading 2022

We would encourage our pupils in SBN to continue to read over the summer holidays. During Book Week 2022 we celebrated the joy that books and reading can bring to our lives. Summer reading will help to strengthen reading skills and build on vocabulary, general knowledge and improve spellings. You might decide to sign up to Summer Stars in your  local library which provides an opportunity to explore children’s books through reading and listening to audio books. This programme runs from June 11th to August 28th.  If you are a member of your local library Borrowbox is a wonderful app that you might like to use to download audiobooks and e- books to enjoy over the summer months. Our Free Little Library will be in use over the summer months and we encourage you to bring along books that you are finished reading and swap them for some books you might like to take away and read yourself. Nurturing the joy and love of reading is always worthwhile. It helps to support learning in many ways including developing imagination and critical thinking skills. Continue to read to your child during the holidays also. Talk about the pictures and characters and make connections to your own life experiences.  ‘You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.’ Dr. Seuss.

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