Term 2 Wraps Up in First Class

St. Patrick’s Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge 

This month we have been celebrating all things Irish. In addition to our Gaeilge lessons, first class learned the Hocaí Pocaí action song and some verses of George Ezra’s Shotgun as Gaeilge. In P.E, we learned an Irish folk dance called Come To Me. In History, we learned about St. Patrick’s life. While in art, we made flags which looked great on Lá Glas.


Easter Baking and Procedural Writing

This month, first class were introduced to procedural writing; familiarising themselves with the layout and language features of lots of different procedural types, for example recipes. In shared writing, we composed a receipe for chocolate brownies. It came as a lovely surprise, when we then baked those delicious brownies in school. Aprons were put on and sleeves rolled up! We had to carefully follow the steps of our procedure. The best part of course was the gooey chocolate brownies that we enjoyed at the end of the day!



First class were set a stem challenge that they have been working on for some time. The design brief outlined that they must design a percussion instrument that fulfils a number of criteria, including that it must be made using only recycled materials. In groups, first class have been planning, designing and constructing their instruments. The finished designs are creative, interesting and fun!


Picasso Inspired Easter Art

Picasso’s vibrant and abstract art works inspired Easter art in first class. Step by step, they drew the outline for a rabbit. Then they added lines, shapes and vibrant colours to add a quirky, individual look to their rabbits. 


Term 2 has certainly been jam packed with learning and fun!

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