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Walk to School Week

Well done to all those who joined us for National Walk to School last week – March on Monday, Happy Shoesday, Walk on Wednesday, Trek on Thursday and Feet on Friday. It was great to see the big numbers of children and Parents walking up the hill! Wednesday last was National WOW day and the numbers of children walking or parking and striding to school on the day will be collated nationwide. We are very proud that our total on the day was 176 which represents 78% of our pupils and is a huge improvement on our starting point way back in September. Well done to Fifth Class who were the first to arrive in Berlin, followed closely by Fourth Class. They are now moving on to Warsaw, the next stop in our grand European tour! Congratulations to Robyn Murphy (Third Class) who won the best decorated shoe competition on Happy Shoesday and to Louis O’ Neill (J. Infs.), Dylan Stuart (Senior Infants), Tony Geraghty (First Class), Deirbhile Quane (Second Class), Faye Heffernan (Third Class) and Aidan O’ Flynn and Ríona Casey (Fourth Class) who won the raffle for getting five stamps in their Walk to School Challenge Passports! First Class made such a great effort during the week that they were chosen to play a floor game with Caroline, our An Taisce Co-Ordinator on Friday! Keep up the great work everyone! Let’s walk towards the future dream!

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