Well Being Week

Last week was Well Being Week in SBN. It was a wonderful success. Our focus for the week was Minding your Mind. This was explored in many ways including mindful meditation, breathing exercises, taking time to relax and reflect, listening to music and talking about your problems. The importance of kindness and gratitude was also highlighted. Two children from each class will be awarded Kindness Certificates for the wonderful, kind nature they showed last week in school. We also held a poster competition with the title ‘Mind Your MInd’. The winners of this competition will be announced at the next assembly. The Health Promotion Squad decided to have a different theme each day of the week. The themes were as follows:

Mindful Monday
Talk on Tuesday
Wellbeing Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Friends on Friday
Each day some members of the HPS Squad spread the meassage of the day over the intercom and asked the school to participate in some mindful meditation, breathing exercises, listening to music and inspiring Disney quotes etc. Other activities during the week included mindful colouring, making mindful glitter jars, RAK Day,  gratitude journals and staff appreciation notes. We were delighted to have the opportunity to spread such a worthwhile and important message.
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